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Newsletter, September, 2011

Cory Photography

Newsletter 45

Sept 21, 2011


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Fall Foliage Network

Photography Between Seasons

We now have a Blog!

Metal Prints

River Rocks 2011

Photographing Something Different

2011/2012 Workshop Schedule




We are looking forward to getting out for more photography now that it's beginning to cool off a bit and some of the haze is gone. In this newsletter we talk about some of our favorite subjects for this time of year--when it's not quite fall and just past summer.  Years ago I remember hearing John Shaw talk about how people like to make images that show the seasons but in the 'tween seasons' there is still much to photograph. 


Itís easy to get yourself into technical overload.   Facebook, a Blog, a new camera, some new software, and now my iPad that Tom gave me for our 44th anniversary. But then, itís good to constantly be learning new things, so there are no complaints, just challenges--like Angry Birds, which a month ago I didn't even know existed. Anyway, my plan is to add little tidbits of info that we come across to our blog. That hasn't happened yet, but hopefully very soon...


It won't be long before we'll be heading out to  San Diego for our photo tour. Click  here for some images from our scouting trip last October. And we have scheduled a  day long workshop in Chattanooga on October 29, combining the TN Aquarium with the architecture around the Riverfront. Our Ireland trip is sold out so itís not too early to start thinking about our  Iceland trip for 2012. If you have questions on any of these events, please let us know.


Enjoy your autumn photography!


Tom and Pat


Fall Foliage Network

Many fall foliage websites report historical data and the predictions for fall color rather than what is actually happening. This one, http://www.foliagenetwork.com/, has leaf spotters reporting what they see twice a week. Fall color can still be elusiveórarely does the Ďpeakí hit all the trees in an area at exactly the same time, but you should at least have an idea of what is happening.


Photography Between Seasons

While we wait for that peak color, there is still much to photograph.† August and September can be a great time for insects. Butterflies are most active during the day when sun is shining on the fall flowers. Look for them early morning too, while they are still dew covered and clinging to the grasses where they have spent the night. They will not fly until the dew dries so they will be still.† If you can reflect a little sunlight back on to them, they will look like they are covered in jewels. Spiderwebs can also be found this time of year. Try for early morning when they are still dew covered and the air tends to be calm. You often need to underexpose your image, especially if the background is darker than the web.† And be careful not to bump what the web is attached to or you will knock the dew off. Other subject ideas are county fairs, markets with apples and pumpkins, mushrooms and ground cover thatís beginning to turn, fall sports like football, and fog in low-lying areas on cool mornings. Get out there and youíll no doubt find a lot more things to photograph.


We now have a Blog!

Besides our website and facebook, we now also have a blog, Tomandpatcory.blogspot.com. We hope to use our blog and facebook to post items that we think might be of interest between the times we send out our newsletters. The blog will get us past the limited number of characters that are available on facebook and be readily available to our non-facebook readers. We hope you will Like us on facebook and follow our blog.