Cory Photography with Tom and Pat Cory

Looking through a car windshied, Ireland, 2018

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Newsletter, Fall, 2018, Page 2


Photo Club Newsletters as a Resource


Many of us follow websites and blogs of photographers we admire. There is also a lot of great information contained in newsletters for camera clubs. Content can include such things as technical articles, images that won in contests, favorite nearby locations to photograph, tips on articles, etc. found on the web, and much more. The Photographic Society of America has a newsletter contest each year. Click here to get to a page on their website that will link you to the winners of the newsletter competition back a number of years as well as winners of several other categories. Following those links can take you to a lot of great information. Many clubs archive their newsletters so you can also look at back issues of those you would like to explore further. We are rather proud of the editors of our club newsletter, the Contact Sheet of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga, who have done well in this contest over the years.


BigPicture: Natural World Photograph Exhibit


Starting October 1 through the end of February, the Tennessee Aquarium guests will have the opportunity to explore BigPicture: Natural World Photography, an exhibition of more than 40 stunning wildlife and nature photos. These images represent the top entries in the 2018 BigPicture photography competition held annually at the California Academy of Sciences. Our friend, Donna Bourdon, has a beautiful image in this exhibit.


A Few Local Locations for Fall Photography


Autumn is a favorite time for many photographers. The cool, crisp weather, clear air and wonderful colors are hard to beat. We like to use a long lens to compress the leaves making the colorful leaves appear to be more intense. A wide-angle lens is great for expanding the scene such as with a nice stream, perhaps with some colorful leaves on rocks. Of course, sometimes Mother Nature will tease us a bit on when the peak color will arrive so itís good to have some locations close to home so you can be flexible. Some of our favorite locations close to Chattanooga are:


Gibbs Gardens, Ball Ground, GA. This wonderful garden (which also contains the largest collection of daffodils outside of Holland, fantastic day lilies and water lilies, plus other gardens) is worth a visit from March through November.† In early November the trees in its 40 acre Japanese Garden, the largest in the US, are ablaze in color. We go every year.


Cloudland Canyon State Park near Trenton, GA is worth a visit in mid-October. There are lots of dogwoods that turn red down in the canyon. After a rain the waterfalls and stream are nice.


The Tremont area of Smoky Mountains National Park is a less visited area that can be very pretty in the fall.


Stopping When You See Something of Interest


How often have you passed by something that caught your eye and then kept on going thinking ĎIíll come back to that.í On a recent trip to Ohio to see relatives we passed by a barn that we have passed by many times. This time there was a field of sunflowers right beside the barn. We actually got off at the next freeway exit and got on Google maps to figure out how to get to the field. The sky would have been better if it had been blue but the sunflowers were at their peak. So we got some nice images and felt good about ourselves that we had taken the time to go back. Hopefully we will do that more often in the future.


Local Workshops for 2018-2019


We are excited that on November 3 we will be returning to the Tennessee Aquarium for a morning workshop. We will have early access to the aquarium, lectures on photographing in the aquarium, and a close-up photo shoot with some of the aquarium animals. Aquarium admission is included. Registration is through the Tennessee Aquarium website. There is more information on our website.


We also will be repeating our half day wildlife photography workshop at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center on March 23. After a lecture on photographing wildlife we will have an opportunity to photograph some of the resident birds with handlers helping place them in good locations for photography. Registration will be through a link to the Reflection Riding website, beginning in a couple of weeks. There is more information on our website.


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