Cory Photography with Tom and Pat Cory

White Sands Natíl Monument, 2016

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Newsletter, Fall 2016, Page 2


Iíve now lived with this camera for about 3 months, hiked with it in the High Sierra, covered a UTC football game with it, and had a lot of fun imaging Glade Creek Mill in West Virginia with its built-in art filters. I think Iíve finally found the perfect hiking and travel camera, a camera capable of producing results that are close to--if not completely--professional caliber.

Quality doesnít come cheap, and currently the camera is selling for right at $1500. Our sources tell us that Sony clearly underestimated the demand for this camera, so they are currently in short supply.

Because this is not an inexpensive piece of equipment, you might want to consider a couple of things about the camera. First, although reasonably responsive and fairly fast focusing, the camera is a bit awkward for action photography. There is no problem with a distant eagle perched on a branch, but you may find your traditional interchangeable lens DSLR the better choice if youíre into flying birds or really fast action. Keep in mind youíre using an electronic viewfinder with this camera, which is very good, but still is challenging for me to use for active wildlife and sports. (My work around is to use the camera on manual focus, make a guess as to where my subjects will most likely be and use a red dot finder mounted in the accessory shoe to follow the action--not perfect, but helps a lot with moving subjects.)

Because the zoom is electronic, the camera does run through batteries faster than my manual zoom DSLRs. I carry two extra batteries with me, which gets me through a lot of imaging. I also bought an accessory off-camera battery charger; you can charge the battery by plugging the camera into an outlet, but this ties up your camera.


So in summary this is an amazing camera for travel and all-around photography.† My initial 16-24 inch prints are very close to, if not just as good as, those I make with my Canon DSLRs. While the camera canít do everything, it can sure do a lot. And those built-in special effects are a blast. Here are a couple of photos using the in camera special effects.


The first photo is of the Glace Creek Grist Mill with the watercolor setting, the second is with one of the painting settings.


DSC00980.jpg†††††††††††††† DSC00997.jpg


Tamronís New 150-600 (approximately $1400)


Just out (Huntís Camera is taking orders).† Havenít had a chance to try this lens yet, but friends who have like it a lot and consider it one of Tamronís best efforts. Hopefully Iíll be able to give you more info in our next newsletter--Iím very anxious to try one.


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